44 Hilachas is an Argentinian business that does interior design. I designed the brand identity and applied it on business cards and some other graphic pieces.
This is Damascus, a recently opened cafeteria in Wellington specialising in Authentic Syrian food. Their goal was to get known in the area, so I worked on the design of various promotional work like business cards, loyalty cards, a menu sign for their food truck, a sandwich board and a flag. I did a photography session to cover the pictures to show on the menu sign.
This is promotional work for an artist. Her goal was to refresh her posters to advertise adult and kids art classes in her studio. We analysed the previous posters and I came up with a totally new design, respecting some colour pallets and including some student's art.
Porterhouse Grill is a restaurant based in Auckland. I have been working through a range of promotional pieces such as banners, carpark posters, a billboard sign and social media.
For Facebook and Instagram, the client needed not only management, but also the post design and copyrighting. To add some more value, I refreshed the Instagram highlights with brand new covers.
Takeaway menu design for Swagat Brooklyn, an Indian restaurant in Wellington. I designed the new menu and also did a photo session to show professional pictures of some classic Indian dishes.
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